(Based on 3,103,389 votes)
(Based on 3,103,389 votes)

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About Fortnite

Fortnite is an outstanding third-person hybrid shooter created by Epic Games that gathers thousands of people together. Playing in teams, duets, or simply solo, you immerse into a world where everything is possible as long as you can survive.

Gameplay — 5/5

The game is a mash of different multiplayer modes, which enhances your user experience. Get into a battle with around 100 other players or simply pair up with your friends to discover new areas and establish your influence over them.

With your first appearance in the game, you come to be bare-handed and with nothing in your provision sack. As the game starts to unravel, you loot, hunt, and craft more and more ammunition and tools to be utilized in battles and endure harsh surroundings.

Besides running and fighting for your life, you’ll have to find a means to survive the tempest heading your way. The phenomenon narrows down the accessible map areas, which makes it harder to battle your enemies. Here, you can apply the provision you’ve gathered so far by erecting towers or setting up a shelter. The more you gather, the better your chances for survival become.

Controls — 4/5

Though there are still some bugs and little calibration issues, the controls exceed those of any other smartphone game. Pressing gently on the arrows for movement will give you complete access to manipulating your avatar in any direction.

By applying the right-hand buttons, you get to perform various actions, including firing your weapon, controlling the construction process, as well as player interactions. The only snag you can face is aiming. No matter the experience and long hours of playing, it might still cause some trouble to make a clear shot.

Lasting Appeal — 5/5

The potential of the game is very promising. Not only do you engage in a new match every time you enter the game, but also, the game is constantly updated with new areas, items, and in-game content. Also, as Fortnite becomes more and more attractive to players all over the world, the opponents change regularly. Getting into a fresh 90+ player battle will give you the chills every single time.

Difficulty Level

After gaining some experience with the gameplay and building, the game becomes simpler to play. However, it’s impossible for Fortnite to become ‘too easy’ for. Because the game has certain AI, it selects opponents and maps with enhanced difficulty.

Author: Saul Goodman (Just a writer!)

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