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PDF Viewing is now available directly in Google Drive. For environments where this cannot be deployed, Google PDF Viewer offers the same capabilities in a standalone app. View, print, search and copy text from pdf documents while you’re on the go.

Note 1: PDF Viewer is primarily meant for use in the context of the Android for Work Program.

Note 2: No icon is available in launcher, the app is launched when opening a pdf (from Downloads or another app).

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  1. When installed on my SD card wouldn’t read PDF’s. Going to have to reinstall Adobe’s PDF viewer

  2. Stopped working after last update… You broke it… Had uninstall then reinstall x 2 to fix the issue

  3. the app doesnt read the pdf file properly on my device…always a black screen edit: come to find out that its only a black screen when you move it to the sd card… i moved it back to the phone and it works fine…. its only a 5 mb difference… so i dont mind.

  4. Distorts the text when printing. Makes it grainy and blurred. Only app that exhibits this odd behaviour. Other PDF viewers work fine.

  5. This application didn’t sync with google photo. I am getting difficult to seek my pdf file at google photo….

  6. Takes too much time to show the original and clear letters within a PDF file and that is very disappointing.

  7. That annoying scrollbar on right side is pushed too bar by mistake when scrolling down reading most often. Kindly fix this issue Google.

  8. The app is great but it can’t be launched directly like other apps. This makes problem. Otherwise the app is great

  9. No it’s not working on my OnePlus 3 whenever I download any pdf attachment from my emails or from any other websites this it won’t recognize the file format instead I have downloaded another pdf application which works but not this one.. this app really needs an improvement..

  10. Excellent little size app for PDF viewing. There is a bug, when moved to external storage, it shows a blank screen insted of showing the PDF.

  11. Word files are not support on this app.pls improve this also..otherwise great for pdf docs..

  12. This apps can’t open automatically pdf from downloaded file in Chrome. Please solve that problem.

  13. I love it does what it’s supposed to unlike my phones built-in PDF file reader and minimal amount of of space it takes up

  14. Exactly like other users who uninstalled this, I discovered i couldn’t even open the app from my homescreen because it’s an add on rather than a real app. Sigh.

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