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Download the Notebloc app to scan, save & share your notes, drawings, sketches, art, photos, pictures or any other paper document. This Editors’ Choice scanner app has been described as the best mobile scanner by many users.

• Notebloc® is a free scanner app supporting unlimited usage, developed by an innovative notebook company in Barcelona (more about us at the end of description).
• Notebloc can digitize all your notes, papers, documents, bills, receipts, drawings, letterings, diagrams, sketches or images. You can easily export your scans and create PDF or JPG files. Save them, review them on-the-go or share them!
• Recommended and useful tool for students, teachers, professors, artists, designers, engineers and business people.

Notebloc scanner is easy-to-use, fast & tiny in size. It is intuitive, simple and fast. The app takes your paper to digital in just 2 clicks: the automatic edge detection, perspective correction and enhancing image filters will provide high-quality digital images. Any unwanted shadows or bad light conditions will disappear from your digitized notes. You will get clean scans, with only what is written or drawn on your papers.

Within the Notebloc app you can:
• Scan notes, notebooks, books, texts, cards, documents, paintings, drawings, sketches, etc.
• Create unlimited multi-page documents, by taking pictures or importing images
• Organize your documents in folders & subfolders
• Save or share your scanned images as PDF or JPG
• Use OCR (for typed texts in latin alphabet system), extract texts from documents and create TXT files
• Add, copy, reorder or eliminate pages in a document
• Merge, rename & reorder scans
• Crop images or rotate them
• Share by email, WhatsApp, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote or social media
• Send scans to printer (Cloud Printing)
• Classify files by date of creation or edition
• Re-edit existing scanned documents
• Use different filters for best results & view documents in color or black and white
• Choose quality & size of your PDF scans

Get the Notebloc scanner app now and check results for yourself!

About us:
Notebloc® is the brand of scannable notebooks. Our products & scanner app are made for those who write and draw on daily basis. Our notebooks are printed with a unique inverted grid to help your writing and drawing.

The Notebloc app works with any paper, but when used together with our Notebloc® notebooks, the gridlines and background of our paper will magically disappear in your digitized images!

About the Notebloc inverted grid:
It is a grid printed in reverse. An excellent, creative and functional grid that will help you in your writing and drawing. Your notes will stand our more than in any traditional graph paper. It will also be more comfortable on the eye to review your notes.

Using Notebloc scanning app + Notebloc notebooks:
Grids work great as a tool for writing or drawing. But also they may not be suitable for presenting a final piece of work.
Ever wondered how to remove a grid from a paper once you don’t need the gridlines anymore? The answer is Notebloc: our scanner app removes the grid of our notebooks once they are digitized. Yes, you read right: it eliminates the gridlines! When digitized with the Notebloc app, the gridlines will completely disappear. You can transform our grid into a white background scan!
This is going to make it easier for you to edit your documents, tweak or re-read notes from digital devices. With the Notebloc app your digitized Notebloc paper will look perfect, clean, without any imperfection due to light or shadow. In your digital image you will only get what you’ve written or drawn on a completely white background.

Try our notebooks together with the Notebloc scanner app and experience the concept: you will wonder why you didn’t know about us earlier!

We want to hear from you! Please email us to share any ideas or feedback. Find us on FB, IG or TT: @notebloc

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  1. Rated 5 because it’s super helpful!!! I’d been recommended about this from a friend and definitely did not regret it. The only problem I had is that the colours from my scanned drawings look weird but!!! The B&W versions look good! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. So helpful! This app helps students like me. My notes captured tru this app is much more clearer compared to the phone’s camera. The only downside i have notice is it becomes blurred. It doesn’t sharpen. I hope this gets acted upon. Thank you.

  3. I like to write down my Lego Technic ideas in a notebook, but then it falls apart, so I just grab my phone and scan the notebook with Notebloc, and I don’t have to worry about my notebook falling apart! This app is SO USEFUL!

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